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Arthrotec tablets buy from a pharmacy, the manufacturer is not obligated to notify the FDA by October 31, 2010 on the reasons for rejecting drug, and it is not obligated to submit an application initiate a New Drug by that point, nor to approve the tablet or for that matter send the FDA notice of intent to approve the drug by that time. With this information in mind, and taking the FDA timetable into account, following timeline reflects most FDA's views of the timeline for filing drug's application (assuming there is an approved by the FDA): 2009 : Initial submission of the drug to FDA : Initial submission online canadian pharmacy discount code of the drug to 2009 : Proposed date of issuance a "black box" warning : Proposed date of issuance a "black box" warning 2011 : Initial filing of the drug's New Drug Application (NDA) : Initial filing of the drug's New Drug Application (NDA) 2011 : Approval by the FDA of "black box" warning : Approval by the 2012 First indication of drug's efficacy : First indication of the drug's efficacy 2012: "black box" warning issued by the FDA For this article, the timeline described above indicates an application likely approved by the FDA would be issued between 2011 and 2014. If an application is not submitted by the FDA within time frame described above, and the application is granted, FDA will notify the applicant about approval decision and a "Notice of Allowance" is filed for approval by the pharmaceutical sponsor (TAS). If there are any concerns about the substance's safety or effectiveness, applicant may respond by submitting a New Drug Application (NDA). The NDA is used as an opportunity for the FDA to make additional safety-related recommendations, as well for safety/effectiveness data to be submitted the FDA. Prior to a approval decision being made, the FDA must still allow review of the completed NDA request. Once approved, the is made public (i.e., published) and is posted on the agency's website. In addition, National Formulary of Drugs and Medical Devices (NFDD), is required to include the approved drug under review. FDA's Timeline for Approving a Drug In terms of approval processes generally, the FDA uses following timeline when dealing with a new drug application: An ancient civilization in Egypt has been uncovered, thanks to a new computer model of ancient DNA, according to a team of MIT researchers. Archaeological evidence suggests that the civilizati